Little Big Things

Deconstructed telephone booth Fragmentbild Telefonzelle

For many, space is just a physical value. However, if looked at more closely, it can be so much more for everyone. It provides room to breathe. It is the terrain for physical and mental activity. It is a place for gaining experiences and receiving discernible feedback about your very own action. It also creates the freedom to join forces with others and cooperate. Therefore space, beyond the physical component, also has a psychological dimension. Enlightening or not, space from this point of view is not just about rational factors. These are only guaranteed when its emotional potential is correctly recognized and utilized. We tend to only include what we can actually see in our calculations. But often what we can’t see is decisive for success. For that reason, we should look at space as a place of work a little more closely. The many little things that quickly disappear from sight as we work, nevertheless shape it.