Emotional Chairs at Deutschen Telekom

Ladestation, Teil der Metamorphosen Stühle.

Sitting is a fundamental human position.

Every year people sit for more than 300 minutes a day. Most people sit on a chair in an office. Technical and ergonomic aspects are always in foreground. The office chair is therefore reduced to its own pure functionality. It can, however, become a positive symbol for processes of change.

The Idea:

The Telekom Emotional Chairs.
Across the entirety of Telekom Headquarters, artists developed and designed new chairs. These chairs were placed in important intersections and communication points.

Chairs for better communication

Chairs that motivate one to see their work in a totally new way. In Brief: Chairs that can’t be reduced to their pure functionality but are rather a crystallization point for a new corporate culture. Here, form follows emotion chairs create completely new working environments. For new thinking, for more inspiration and more collaboration.

The work of tomorrow is already radically changing today. And analogue objects can build bridges with the help of art. In the new digital working world of tomorrow.

A chair is, no chair, is no chair, is no chair:

The Telekom Emotional Chairs.

Unsere TOP FIVE Emotional Chairs


High-chair object „Miss Maggi“, freeters


Settee „All-inclusive“, freeters


Object „Schirmstuhl“, freeters


Noise canceling seat „Ruhepol“, freeters


Chair-objekt „Farbverlauf“, freeters